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Apple’s CloudKit is the MBaaS Answer to AWS and Azure Cloud Services

By Saroj Kar Among the flurry of news announced during the WWDC event by Apple as part of its annual developer conference, there were over a very interesting announcement made by Apple in the cloud in a way that sounds very similar to … Continue reading

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Web Apps Raise The Ceiling Above HTML5 As Famo.us Recreates Facebook’s Paper

By Anthony Wing Kosner. UX design has been getting pretty slick in the world of iOS. Last week, Facebook released Paper (subtitled “Stories from Facebook”), perhaps the best newsfeed app I have seen. This native iOS app is built using a toolkit called Origami that … Continue reading

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What does Ferrari and Volvo have in common?

Mercedes, Ferrari and Volvo to Debut Apple In-Car System By Adario Strange. Apple’s promise to bring iOS to the automobile industry last year are finally coming to fruition, according to a report in the Financial Times that claims Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Ferrari will debut the system in … Continue reading

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Apple just got dead serious about listening to IT – here’s what you need to know

By Ryan Faas. This week, Apple released a broad range of new web content and white papers related to iOS in enterprise and education, announced a new program that makes mass iPhone or iPad rollouts much easier for IT departments, improved the volume … Continue reading

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Juniper Says Mobile Augmented Reality Revenues Are Set to Explode

By Jared Reitzin. With smartphone adoption reaching record levels across the United States and the world at large in 2013, it’s no great shock that mobile applications also enjoyed a banner year. In particular, mobile augmented reality apps were hot commodities … Continue reading

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When iPhone met world, 7 years ago today

By Dan Farber. Seven years ago, on January 9, 2007, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to introduce the first iPhone. “Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone,” Jobs … Continue reading

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