How to leverage advances in mobility for enterprise transformation

By Paul Tocatlian

Enterprise mobility presentation at Camp IT on May 1, 2014 by Paul Tocatlian, Chief Technologist, Magnet Systems and Vladimir Milutin, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Magnet Systems.

As with every disruptive innovation that hit the enterprise in the last two decades, mobile technology is changing the way enterprises engage with customers, transact with partners, and empower their employees. This time around, the transformation is occurring even more precipitously with mobile devices becoming the central computing hub for both our personal and professional lives.

Drawing parallels from the past, it is clear that a new class of technology will emerge and help enterprises fuel this transformation. We will discuss the strategies to consider and the components that will affect your decision.

In this session, we will challenge the enterprise mobility status quo and discuss the new approach for the next generation of mobile apps:

  • Mobile-first strategy: do or die
  • Millennials: the instant gratification generation
  • The Perfect BFF
  • The 6 strands of mobile DNA
  • The black hole of mobile nirvana
  • What’s app…

View Mobile Middleware Presentation

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About Paul Tocatlian

Technology professional with a keen interest in mobile, middleware, cloud, and web technologies. For more information, visit
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