Surprising Facts About Mobility and BYOD

By Dennis McCafferty.

Within a few years, young employees moving from college to the workplace will approach their more mature colleagues and ask, “Was there really a time when our company actually bought computers and mobile devices for us?” It may be hard to believe, but before too long, businesses will stop purchasing laptops, tablets and smartphones for their workers. And that’s just one of the following surprising facts about mobility and the bring-your-own-device movement.

It wasn’t that long ago when professionals had to be discrete about their BYOD practices: They had to work quietly when using their personal devices and apps because management didn’t approve their use, and employees were allowed to use only what IT provided. Those days are long gone, and some of these organizations are even telling employees that they have to use their own mobile devices. As a result, research reports that mobility and BYOD products and services are set to soar in terms of market revenue. And IT departments will keep very busy with mobile app management, BYOD security enforcement and other support issues.

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