Enterprise Mobility: Devices, Security, Design, And Distribution

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Every Sunday for this column, I write on something related to mobile. To date, it’s mostly been about consumer-facing apps,device sensors, user interfaces, tactics like push notifications, and a range of other topics. However, I have yet to dig into mobile for more business-facing, enterprise-oriented users and considerations. That’s partly because I do not work at a large company nor too closely with others. Yet recently, in some of my conversations, the topic of mobile apps for enterprise environments has resurfaced. In 2013, I also moderated a panel at a mobile event organized by Emergence Capital, a venture capital firm which focuses on SaaS and created this chart on different type of enterprise apps. While much has been written on the topic, I wanted to write this post with few or no assumptions, from first-principles, and share my thought process about what founders and investors could look for in these kinds of mobile products. Mostly, however, I’d like to learn from you all about what it will take to win in these environments, so please comment or tweet or reach out to me with your thoughts.

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About Paul Tocatlian

Technology professional with a keen interest in mobile, middleware, cloud, and web technologies. For more information, visit www.tocatlian.com.
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