Ten Mobility Trends Shaping the Enterprise

By Samuel Greengard.

It would be an understatement to say that mobility is changing the enterprise. The reality is that this technology is redefining business and IT in profound and permanent ways. But it isn’t only smartphones and tablets that are driving all the disruption. An array of technologies and systems—ranging from the industrial Internet (Internet of things) to the “appification” of everything—are creating remarkable challenges and opportunities. Moreover, the intersection of cloud computing, big data and social media is pushing mobility in new directions and affecting employees and customers in profound ways. As we enter 2014, mobility promises to unleash new and improved capabilities—and put additional stress on IT departments to integrate systems, develop apps, oversee security, handle BYOD (bring your own device), and manage expectations that increasingly center on a consumer-centric approach to design and usability. Here’s a look at 10 mobility trends that are shaping the enterprise, and what business and IT executives need to know to leverage the technology to maximum advantage.

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About Paul Tocatlian

Technology professional with a keen interest in mobile, middleware, cloud, and web technologies. For more information, visit www.tocatlian.com.
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