Mobile Middleware: Definition and Motivations

Seach for “mobile middleware” on Google and you will be presented with close to 100,000 search results. To mark our first blog post, we chose to highlight the following search result: “Mobile Middleware: Definition and Motivations.” It is a 23-page PDF extract from the book entitled “The Handbook of Mobile Middleware,” which is available for purchase on Amazon.

The Handbook of Mobile Middleware is an exhaustive overview of developments in the various fields related to this infrastructure software. It begins by presenting mobile middleware requirements and technologies, then offers solutions organized by such challenges as mobility/disconnection handling, location-based support, and context-based support.

Despite being published the same year the first generation iPhone was released, many of the topics in this book remain surprisingly relevant and a very good place to quench your initial thirst for knowledge on the subject of mobile middleware.

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